In 2009 Oakley Tank Lines made a decision to create Oakley Industrial Services and planned for opening in 2010.  It was a logical business diversification strategy for Oakley Tank Lines.  Our goal was simple.  Stay focused in our area of expertise and be the best at what we do.

Our mother company Oakley Tank Lines has been in business since 1981 and is one of the few chemical transportation companies in the state of Virginia.  Oakley Tank Lines managed one of only three tank cleaning facilities in the state of Virginia.  Tank cleaning was Oakley Tank Lines primary environmental experience and exposure.

Since its inception, Oakley Tank Lines has won growth and safety awards on the state and national levels.  For years Oakley Tank Lines customers have sought advice on how to manage their chemical and environmental concerns.  Changing regulations and rising insurance costs have forced our customers to consider other avenues in managing their environmental emergencies and chemical related maintenance practices.

Oakley Tank Lines tank wash facility is now the cornerstone of the Oakley Industrial Services business model.  Each service line of our company is impacted by our ability to clean cargo tanks and vessels.  This service capability cannot easily be obtained and our cleaning facility provides Oakley Industrial Service the needed strength to compete with well established industrial and environmental companies in our region. 

Our staff is comprised of 55+ years of chemical remediation, emergency response, industrial cleaning and tank trailer cleaning experience.  We have completed renovations on our tank trailer and vessel cleaning facility to allow for faster cleaning and better customer satisfaction.  We have increased warehouse space to satisfy short and long term customer needs.  And we are poised to provide excellent field services to the central Virginia area. 

Please allow us to be your "Environmental and Industrial Cleaning Specialist".