Environmental & Industrial Services

Field Services

At Oakley Industrial Services we pride ourselves on having qualified, experienced, trained, and tested professionals at our customer’s disposal 24 hours per day.  Our specialized equipment and technical knowledge allow us to provide service timely, accurately, safely, legally, and ethically. 

Whether hazardous or non-hazardous our field service crews are ready to respond to regularly scheduled or emergency needs of any customer.  From in-plant maintenance to chemical leaks, oil spills, or industrial cleaning we are prepared to protect your company.

Environmental and Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning, maintenance, advice and most of all, solutions, in the following areas:

Advice vs. Service

Our professional industrial and environmental experts are here to support your needs.  Whether it’s a round table discussion in your board room or a regulatory compliance explanation, allow Oakley Industrial Services to be your environmental and industrial consulting company.  Our advice can be priceless for conservation, recycling, or waste elimination at your company’s facility. 

Industrial pressure washing and steam cleaning.